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Anyone thinking of leading a group or cycle ride

may be interested in the following CTC opportunities

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A Little Bit of History

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Manchester and the CTC

is trying to encourage more Women to Cycle

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Off Road Cycling in Wales

Support the proposal to improve cycle access in Wales.

See here



An Australian View on Cycle Helmets

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Anyone thinking about Cycling to work should read this article from the Guardian.


Research has shown that the type of clothing worn when cycling has no effect on how motorists overtake.

The average space left has dropped from nearly 6ft in 1979

to less than 4 ft, and some motorists consider 20 inches adequate!!!

See the report here


The Murky World of Cycle Lighting

Confused? Read this.



A Government Grant will provide secure and safe cycling sheltered storage facilities with swipe card access.
These shelters will include Sheffield stands, cover, lighting; CCTV and provide storage for 600 bikes as follows:
Salford Central 100 bikes; Manchester Oxford Road 200 bikes; Blackburn 50 bikes; Blackpool North 100 bikes;
Ashton under Lyme 50 bikes; Hazel Grove 50 bikes; and Eccles 50 bikes.


Dangers of Sat Navs.

At the end of August, two drivers were both sentenced in the same week for killing cyclists whilst distracted by their sat navs.

One driver, who relied heavily on the device, ploughed through a crossroads after failing to notice a stop line;

and the other effectively drove blind for 18 seconds whilst zooming in on her sat nav.




and a German view of Cycling in London can be seen here.

The comments could be relevant to Stockport should we get the opportunity to criticise what is proposed.


Another ill informed decision relevant to cycling.

The Advertising Standards Agency have banned an advert (here)
produced by Cycling Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government.
The CTC's response can be seen here.



Stockport MBC is seeking details of minor measures to improve cycling facilities.
If you are aware of any of the following please contact Don Naylor, Stockport's Cycling Officer.

!:- Contra-flow cycling. The possibility of cycling on One Way streets in the opposite direction as a short cut.

2:- Cycling signs such as No Cycling, Cyclists Dismount etc that can be removed without affecting safety.

3:- Dropped curbs where currently it is necessary to get off or jump the curb in order to proceed.

4:-The possibility of widening cycle lanes that have been created below the National Recommended Minimum of 2 metres.

5:- Shopping areas, Libraries etc that would benefit from having Cycle Stands.



Some opportunities for the more adventurous disabled cyclist:-
in Scotland.





Connect2 is a joint project between Stockport Council and Sustrans to create an Off Road Route between Stockport andMarple.

When the route is completed it will link with the Middlewood Way and provide a Commuter route into Stockport and a leisure route to Macclesfield and beyond.

However it does require cyclists to encourage Stockport Council to recognise and cater for the needs of cyclists.

Here are some examples of what the Council considers satisfactory.
Lobby your local Councillors for better conditions for cyclists.


Halls Route.

We are delighted to report that Transport for Manchester

has recognised the Halls Route

A leaflet showing the Halls Route,

and similar routes in other areas of Manchester
should be in libraries etc. shortly.

We have the opportunity to provide more detailed plans on our Web Site
and anyone interested in their creation please contact the Webmaster


CTC - the UK's national cyclists' organisation is calling on all cyclists to add their voices to its new campaign to combat bad driving.

Stop SMIDSY is a major campaign to end the culture of brushing off dangerous incidents with the excuse "Sorry Mate I Didn't See You".

It aims to change lax attitudes towards bad driving

and the failures of the legal system to respond to it when it occurs.

By encouraging cyclists to report crashes and near misses

on the new Stop SMIDSY website, CTC will build up a picture of how
cyclists are treated by other road users, with the ultimate goal of transforming drivers' attitudes to reduce danger on the roads.



Sustrans are hoping to extend the Tissington Trail into Buxton.

Show your support by visiting the Derbyshire Web Site


Apparently, house prices in Sydney, Australia are going up in areas that have cycle paths. Despite the loss of on-street parking, one owner of a house on the city's Bourke Street has seen its value increase by $100,000! The road boasts "a Parisian-style bike boulevard with gardens and street lamps".
see here


Cow Lane

(Between Sainsburys in Stepping Hill and Dial Pk Primary School)

If you have used this with a bicycle during the last 20 years please contact
Stockport's Rights of Way Department



While snow is threatened you might like to see

how they cycle in the snow in the Netherlands.

Click here



Here is a Dutch interpretation

utch Road Markings

While the markings may appear odd,

the Oostzaan cycle path is not the only one in the Netherlands leaving little room for cars.

And, as all Dutch people know, cars can cross into the red asphalted area

if there is no alternative and no bikes in the way.


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