NB--All routes are regularly used by cyclists but this does not necessarily mean a Right of Way exists. Please take care when meeting other route users particularly pedestrians and equestrians.


Middlewood Way (Rosehill Marple) to Etherow Country Park


From the Middlewood Way continue ahead to cross Stockport Rd. It is probably best use the Pedestrian Crossing and then enter Dale Rd. Continue down Dale Rd. to 1st Right, Bowden Lane, then 2nd Left into Norbury Drive.

Follow this, crossing Marple Hall Drive into Oakdene Rd. Turn Right into Grosvenor Rd down to the road beside the Peak Forest Canal. This road was once a railway linking the canal to Manchester before the flight of Locks was completed. (Turning Left here or on the canal Tow Path will lead you to the Aqueduct over the River Goyt, turning right will take you towards Marple Memorial Park.)

Cross the canal by the narrow bridge and turn right for about 100yds to pass through a gap in the wall. Turning left here will take you into Brabyns Park. ----( When you meet the first little road, turning right will take you towards Marple Bridge with pubs & cafes etc. but continue straight ahead for Etherow Country Park).


Continue down hill across the first road to meet another near the Sports Pavilion. Continue straight ahead to the Iron Bridge over the River Goyt, and straight on until you meet Compstall Rd. Turn left here. As this can be busy, for some it may be preferable to walk across here and walk left along the pavement until you turn right by the Post Office for Etherow Country Park.


Etherow Country Park to Rosehill Marple.

From the Visitor Centre make your way to the main road and turn Left for about 300 yds to reach Rollins Lane - track on your right. Some may prefer to walk this section until you cross the Bridge over the Etherow, immediately cross the road here and continue left until you meet Rollins Lane that leads to the Iron Bridge and into Brabyns Park.

Continue ahead until you reach the road to the Sports Pavilion. Cross this and up the track continuing ahead all the time. When the track levels out look out for a gap in the wall that leads onto the canal towpath. Turn Right for about 50 yards and cross a narrow bridge and onward into a track leading to Grosvenor Rd. Turn left onto Oakdene Rd. and ahead onto Norbury Drive. Turn Right at Bowden Lane to cross the Railway, then left onto Dale Rd. At the junction with Stockport Rd. it is probably advisable to cross this via the pedestrian crossing, and then onwards into Railway Rd and the Middlewood Way.


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