The Annecy to Faverges Cycle Trail

This is typical of some of the Cycle Tracks you will meet when on the Continent, particularly the Netherlands, Germany, France and neighbouring countries. It was created from a disused railway line that ran for about 12 miles between Annecy, in North East France, and the nearby town of Faverges. It is used both for Leisure and also for Commuting - where the track provides a faster link between the towns than using the main road. Keen cyclists use it to access the interesting countryside nearby, others use it for jogging or roller blading. At weekends it can be quite busy with people out on a family walk with pushchairs and children on junior cycles, yet all get along amicably together. Where the track crosses major roads then crossing points are provided. Where it crosses minor roads the Cycle Track takes precedence and motorists always stop to allow Track users to cross first - perhaps French Law has something to do with this. Here are some pictures, regrettably taken on a rather dull afternoon when few people are about, they give no indication of the popularity of this route.



The Cyclists are on the track, its surface probably better----------Just showing is one of the Half Barriers that slow,

than-that of the minor road alongside.----------------------------but do not stop cyclists etc on the trail.



-------------These are the people who can use the trail.-----The Tunnels are lit, the adjacent rock face is used for climbing.



----------Probably the one thing that emphasises the Continental attitude to cycling.--

A Cycle Track Cleaner


and here is a Cyclists' Refuge in Burgundy with seats, toilet and water supply.


One very popular Cycle Route is from Regensburg to Vienna.

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If you are tempted to travel abroad but would prefer something organised for you,
then a good starting place for information is the Cyclists Touring Club.


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